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A legal translation agency "Hubyka" извършва всякакъв вид превод без значение на вида на документа:

1. Contracts for cars' sales, car registration cards, customs declarations;
2. Documents related to education (diplomas, certificates, academic transcripts, certificates);
3. Documents issued by the Ministry of Interior, Prosecution and the Police (certificates, driving licenses, records, permits);
4. Municipal documents (certificates, deeds, certificates);
5. Church documents (baptism certificates, church marriages' certificates);
6. Bank documents (bank references, bank statements, etc.);
7. Court documents (criminal records, judgments, deeds, powers of attorney);
8. Documents for work (transcript excerpts, certificates, etc.);
9. Other legal documents (contracts, agreements and documents required by state institutions)

1. Constituent acts and statutes;
2. Corporate contracts, commercial contracts and other documents apostilles
3. Bank references;
4. Accounting documents, invoices, etc..;
5. Authorizations and Declarations;
6. Business correspondence and any other business documents;
7. Travel orders;
8. Tender documentation;
9. Promotional materials
10. Customs declarations and other customs documents;
11. Car registration documents;
12. Licenses;
13. Certificates of quality and origin;
14. Evidence of patent
15. Other company documents;

1. Specialized texts - legal, economic, technical;
2. Literary texts - scripts, researches, analysis, books, articles and more.;
3. Technical documentation - specifications, features, guides and others.;
4. Commercial documents - faxes, statements, authorizations, declarations, certificates, licenses, municipal, bank statements etc..;
5. Promotional materials - brochures, advertising texts, etc..;
6. Documentation in education - diplomas, certificates and other assurances.;
7. Company and / or private correspondence without any restrictions and guaranteed confidentiality;


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