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Translations from and into German

Legal translations agency "HubyKa" offers tranlsations from and into German.


The translations we offer to you are categorized in three groups:


Specific translation from and to German - including official translation with included style editing, as well as terminological editing


Style edited translation from and in German - an official translation with included style editing


Official translation from and to German – translation from an authorized translator, including factological data check



Written translations from and to German:

1. Specific texts - legal, economical, technical, medical, etc.
2. Artistic texts - scenarios, research works, analysis, books, articles, etc.
3. Trade documentation - faxes, declarations, letters of attorney, certificates, municipal, bank documents, etc.
4. Promotional materials - brochures, advertising texts, etc.
5. Education documentary - diplomas, certificates, assurances, etc.
6. Company or personal correspondence without any restrictions and in confidentiality.


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