Hubyka - a legal translation agency

legalization of personal and company documents at the Consular Relations Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


Translating any documents you wish within time fixed by you

Our aim is you to be satisfied with our translation. Every translation and legalization done by us guarantees all the confidentiality you need. We answer your calls 24/7, e-mail, online orders that you could use to make an inquiry concerning a translation, legalization or price.


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To easy you just attach the file you need to be translated. In this way we want to save your time and inconvenience. We are ready to take into consideration your requirements in order to achieve maximum facilitation during our work together. Your ready translation could be received in any kind of format or way.

To receive the translated file, you have to make a bank transfer with the inquiry's code that you will shortly receive after concerning the price and confirming the translation with an e-mail reply from you.


Our prices are comfortable to the quality and the speed of the translation.


We work while you rest.

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If you have got a philological degree or valid and proven language certificate of proficiency even from a high school and have the will to work together with our agency, do not hesitate to contact us.








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