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First language group

German, French,

Italian, Spanish

7 leva per 1 page from 8 to 15 leva per 1 page
First language group

Special offer

for Russian and

English language

7 leva per 1 page
from 7 to 14 leva per 1 page
Second language group
Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Moldovian, Portugal, Macedonian
11 leva per 1 page
from 12 to 20 leva per 1 page
Third language group
14-15 leva per 1 page
from 16 to 35 leva per 1 page

Fourth language group

Rare languages


Negotiable according to the language

Negotiable according to the language


NB: The price is calculated on the basis of the translated text, not on the basis of the primary text. A translated page equals to 1800 characters with spaces (according to Bulgarian Standard) or 1500 symbols without intervals according to the EU standards. (We have chosen the Bulgarian Standard).
It is calculated like this

Actually, we know from experience that according to these two systems for calculation the price changes only slightly. The result is in the customer's favour when using the Bulgarian standard system.


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