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How can I order a translation and how shall I pay it?

Contact us on Skype or on our special page for orders, attach your file you want to be translated. Fill in your contact information and the language of translation. After that your application will be considered and you will receive a calculated price according to the text type. In our e-mail you will also receive your order number that you will need when you make the bank payment.(For example: Basis of payment - Order N0094)

20 minutes after the bank payment is done, you will be sent the ready translation.

How can I order a translation?

Ordering and delivering orders could vary:
- sending us your text for translating on our e-mail, on our special online order page or on skype;
- sending us your text for translating on the company address via courier or by post (after preliminary condition about the trnslation deadline and conditions);

What is an official translation?

This is translation of a document, made by a licenced agency in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria. The translation is written on the company's headed notepaper with certification and signed by an authorised translator and stamped by the agency, formed according to the requirements of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria. The translation could be used in every Bulgarian institution, as well as worldwide. For some documents a legalization is also needed in case the document will be used abroad. For example, if you need a translation of your diploma abroad, it is necessary to be certidfied by a notary, so that the Republic of Bulgaria could vouch of the truth of the translated document.

How long would a translation take?

An ordinary order of 8 pages would take a period of three working days. A fast order would take 24 hours and the express one depending on the quantity of pages and the difficulty - from an hour to 8 hours.

How are prices made?

Every piece of text is considered individually depending on the type of text, style, size and the translating time.

What is the legalization like?

Legalization is preparing a document to be official, certificated by the appropriate state guarantees for authenticity of the containing information.

Who is completing the legalization and where?

Legalization is NOT done in the company's office. Our agency collaborates with all the institutions legalizing documents in Bulgariabut every institution specifies its own deadlines that are not in our agency's power.

How long does it take for a legalization to be done?

In the presence of all needed attestations, the fast legalization is done in 24 hours or ""from today until tomorrow"". i.e. if the document is given to us today, it will be ready and given to you tomorrow - if it is a working day. The slow legalization is done by four working days.











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